Haughmond Hill

Haughmond Hill

Feel at peace among stunning nature

The adventures you’ll experience at Haughmond Hill will become treasured memories to keep recreating.

Picturesque walking trails, the fresh forest breeze, and gorgeous views overlooking the River Severn offer the perfect setting to spend a weekend exploring the beautiful outdoors.

After parking the car, you’ll instantly feel a strong connection with the distant sounds of wildlife, and the sound of tweeting birds becoming the soundtrack to your trip.

What trail will take your fancy?

There are four walking trails to conquer at Haughmond Hill, and all fit around how much you’d like to walk.

If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll among towering trees and scenic views of nearby Shrewsbury, either the Corbett Easy Access Trail or the Geo Trail are both less than a mile and have smooth surfaces throughout.

Perhaps you’re bringing the little ones? You’ll be able to push them along in their buggies if their legs get tired out!

After more of a challenge? Henry’s Hike is one-and-a-half miles long and has a few rocky sections along the way to make your walk a bit more interesting.

But maybe you’re ready to push yourself even further?

Wilfred’s Walk, just a little more than two miles long, is where you can really test your physical ability.

Be ready for the journey ahead as you gaze admiringly at the remains of Nancy Spragg’s cottage, the only house still standing on the hill.

See if you can spot the lilac and plum trees in the garden, and take a few moments to relax and unwind as you become mesmerised by the stunning landscapes.

A cuppa and tasty treats before home time

Be sure to make a pit stop at Haughmond Hill Café for a well-deserved rest.

Pull up a pew on one of the outdoor tables and bask in the sunshine with a large mug of tea.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful gardens and flower boxes, a wonderful outlook when tucking into some locally sourced produce from vegan cakes to delicious soups.

Take the dog for fun day trips!

What will they make of all the fascinating woodland to roam about?

They’ll be digging out all kinds of gems as you both play with their favourite toys, meeting other dog owners who have adopted Haughmond Hill as their new dog walking route.

Whether you come with the dog or prefer a solo trek, the beauty and sense of tranquility will be the reasons you keep coming back here, enjoying the break from modern living.

The Criftons,

Paid parking, Toilets, Cafe