Haverfordwest Priory

Haverfordwest Priory

By the banks of the River Cleddau, you’ll find the remains of an ancient religious building.

Haverfordwest Priory was used by monks almost a thousand years ago, and the garden which they painstakingly tended here has been beautifully preserved and reconstructed.

A perfectly peaceful priory…

Haverfordwest Priory was built in the 12th or 13th century for a community of clergymen.

As you explore, the decrepit remains of the old buildings will loom over you, including the remnants of the church itself and the chapter house. Try and stretch your imagination to picture what these places would have looked like in their prime.

A few decades ago, extensive excavation was done here which revealed many secrets about the priory that were previously lost to time.

You can see a lot of the artefacts and materials that were found over at the Haverfordwest Town Museum, so be sure to complete your adventure by stopping here and checking them out while you’re in the area.

…with a magnificent medieval garden

While the ruins here at Haverfordwest Priory are no doubt beautiful, the priory’s garden is truly unique.

This is the only surviving medieval church garden in the whole of Britain, and it’s been painstakingly recreated so that it looks (and smells!) exactly as it would have when the priory was still standing.

These monks probably took great pride in this beautiful garden, so as you explore these ruins, take your time and take it all in. Look out for gorgeous flowers as you stroll, and stop to appreciate their delicious aromas.

Have fun at Haverfordwest

While you’re here exploring the priory, why not make a day out of it?

Haverfordwest is home to plenty of other historic churches, and there are even some druidic standing stones in the nearby park (known as the Gorsedd of Bards Circle).

Whether you're visiting Haverfordwest Priory for the history or the gorgeous garden, we recommend coming to see its magnificence for yourself.

In fact, this town is a great place to have a little adventure, so we'd suggest getting your priories straight and planning a trip here soon.

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