Hestercombe House & Gardens

Hestercombe House & Gardens

Just north of Taunton, there's a place hidden away that seems plucked from paradise itself.

Covering 50 acres of land, Hestercombe House has stood here for many centuries, and its breathtaking gardens are one of the loveliest places in Somerset.

A gorgeous garden and a historic house

The gardens at Hestercombe are thought to have been here since at least the 13th-century (in fact, you can still find medieval architecture from the original estate on show at the exhibitions here!).

Yet this place is also timelessly beautiful, and as you wander around the grounds, we know you’ll be captivated by their loveliness.

While you explore the trails that take you around the gardens, keep an eye out for all the different historical and cultural influences in their designs.

See what animals you can spot roaming around using a wildlife spotting sheet.

Hestercombe House itself is a magnificent old building, and amidst the garden’s vast lawns, you can also find a beautiful little Orangery.

This is an extremely popular venue for weddings - see it for yourself, and you'll soon realise why people pick this idyllic romantic spot for the biggest day of their life.

More than just a pretty place

Hestercombe has much more to offer than just the beauty of its grounds.

Within the old house, you can find Hestercombe Contemporary Art Gallery, where you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of natural landscapes as you admire the artwork on display.

On the Hestercombe trail, you might just stumble across the gift shop that sells locally sourced souvenirs and presents.

And if walking around the gardens has left you feeling peckish, the house’s original stables have been converted into a visitor centre and restaurant!

This restaurant, fittingly named The Stables, is the perfect place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat while you’re here.

When will you be back?

With so much art, nature, and history to discover, Hestercombe House & Gardens is a truly fantastic place to visit on a sunny day out.

Whether you come for a family adventure, to unwind as a couple in the romantic surroundings, or even to just take in the quiet, relaxing atmosphere we promise you’ll love this hidden gem.

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