Hethfelton Wood

Hethfelton Wood

The light of the sun feels warm and welcoming on your skin as you stroll through Hethfelton Wood.

Lace up your trainers and smell the fresh air as you take your daily walk through nature, letting the ground absorb your worries with every step you take.

Make the walk interesting and fun

Turn up your favourite music as you get motivation from the words and beats while feeling the leaves beneath your feet. We've no doubt you've found your new exercise spot here.

Flocks of birds fly into the sky above you with the sunlight coming between the leaves as you take a new path and discover the hidden beauty of this stunning woodland.

Time will fly by as you wander through, taking a new route each time.

Take your four-legged friend with you

What better way to begin a friendly chat than saying hello to other dog owners as you stroll along?

Watch your little pup get to know the other pooches as you strike up a conversation, the satisfying scent of bark and leaves all around you.

Got a big presentation coming up?

If you've got a big presentation coming up at work, practising in front of an audience of butterflies and bees in the bushes will drive your confidence up.

We're not sure how much feedback they'll be able to offer but when that big day comes, you'll notice how easily the ideas just flow right off your tongue.

Cold or warm weather, this forest will be surviving for many more years, waiting for you to return.

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Puddletown Road,
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