High Ash

High Ash

Us humans are drawn to nature - we need it in our lives to switch off for a while and relax.

High Ash Forest offers amazing walking trails to help you keep your mental and physical wellbeing in check.

Striding forward

Feeling your muscles getting stronger, take your time walking through High Ash, enjoying the soft leaves rustling around you and letting your fingers brush against the tree's branches.

Let your mind wander as you daydream about your future or maybe plan the next turn you'll take as you see tall trees rising out of the earth to brush the blue sky.

Take a deep relaxing breath and feel your lungs expand with fresh air.

A beautiful forest brimming with historical stories

If you didn't catch sight of the Cromwell tank as you came in, you might be surprised to discover you're standing on land that was once a World War II army base.

The 7th Armoured Division, known as the Desert Rats, lived here just before D-Day.

The easiest route to uncover their history? Take the two-mile Desert Rats Walk through the woods and see some gorgeous landscapes along the way.

Stop for a few moments and hear the sound of birds calling as you read the information boards that tell you all about the Desert Rats and their time in the forest.

Immersing yourself in nature with a sprinkling of history is an excellent way to spend your day, and boost your wellbeing.

Why not make a trip to High Ash this weekend to discover it for yourself?

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