Hob Hursts House

Hob Hursts House

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Upon the vast wild landscape of Beeley Moor in Derbyshire, there’s an unusual little mound covered in carefully placed stones.

According to some, this place was a burial ground that was used thousands of years ago, built by the prehistoric people who lived in this area as a grave for their ancestors.

According to others, this mound was once the home of a local hobgoblin, a nefarious creature that legend says prowled the nearby woods.


There are many barrow mounds across the Peak District, however, this one is particularly unusual: where most are circular, Hob Hurst’s House is rectangular, a peculiarity that has left archaeologists stumped.

Some think that this strange shape means this barrow was built much later than others, perhaps in the Iron Age.

In the 19th century, Thomas Bateman (a famous archaeologist who was also sometimes called “the Barrow Knight”) excavated this place and found scorched human bones inside, along with other strange objects like lead ore surrounded by stones.

…meets mythology

Of course, there is an alternate explanation for why this place is so unusual: perhaps this isn’t a barrow at all, but a home built for a creature named Hob Hurst.

Some say he was an elf or a giant, but most commonly Hob is said to be a hobgoblin (hence his name), a small hairy creature that enjoys mischief.

Perhaps the bones found here weren’t buried remains of loved ones, but the remains of Hob’s victims?

A beautiful barrow

Hob Hurst’s House is in a beautiful location, surrounded by untouched moorland.

The walk out to get there is an adventure that will take you through the peaceful countryside, and when you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with the striking sight of the barrow itself.

If this place captures your interest, be sure to also visit one of the other ancient landmarks nearby, like the Nine Ladies Stone Circle or the Arbor Low Stone Circle.

What do you think the story of Hob Hurst’s House is?

Regardless of your thoughts, we know it’ll capture your imagination, and you’ll have a tranquil trip as you walk there through the lovely area of Derbyshire.

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