Holsworthy Woods

Holsworthy Woods

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A weekend treat

As the week draws to an end, Saturday morning rolls around and you check to see your calendar is delightfully empty – there’s no better time to head out on an adventure into nature, don’t you think?

Down in Devon, just outside the village Holsworthy, lies Holsworthy Wood. It sits surrounded by lush Devonshire fields and farmland, an oasis of trees rising out of the earth inviting you in to explore.

Until finally you’re turning off the main road and parking up the car, checking there’s water in your bag and snacks in your pockets – ready for a peaceful stroll.

Away from the rest of the world

Its remote location means that once you’ve made your way into the heart of the woodland, barely a sound of the outside world can be heard.

The quiet that surrounds you is only broken by the small noises of the natural world: the leaves above rustling in the breeze; a bird chirping away in the treetops.

Stand for a moment in the middle of it all and simply listen – take a slow, deep breath.

Then as you set off, turn your phone on silent and tuck it away: dedicating this time to just you and the world around you.

Pathways to explore

The open pathways of the woodland invite you deeper and deeper into nature.

Whether you’re walking solo or bringing along company for a good chat – take this time to cherish the simple joy that walking brings. 

If you’ve got a little four-legged friend back home however, we’re quite sure they’d happily join you on your adventure to Holsworthy Woods.

Just watching a dog bound off down a trail and then come sprinting right back never fails to make you grin.

So, get a lead ready, don’t forget the poo bags, and pull on your comfiest clothes – a weekend of adventure awaits.

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