Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles

Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles

Holyhead is full of amazing historic attractions, but sitting atop the nearby mountain which looms over the town is something really special.

Up here, at the peak of Holyhead Mountain, you’ll find an entire settlement of prehistoric remains.

Holyhead’s historic huts

There are thought to be the remains of up to fifty huts still here, with twenty that have been painstakingly reconstructed to give you a clear idea of what they would have once looked like thousands of years ago.

As you explore this grassy site, try and imagine these buildings in their full state.

Their circular interiors would have been sheltered by a conical thatched roof, and in some of the ruins you’ll even be able to see evidence of storage spaces and furniture.

Yet now, what little remains of these huts has been reclaimed by nature, so covered in grass that you’d be forgiven for missing them amongst the landscape.

You might find yourself wondering what life would have been like for the ancient communities who lived here, or perhaps you’ll be too distracted by the staggering sights.

From atop this hill, you’ll be surrounded by serene Welsh pastures and gifted with stunning views over the vast Gogarth Bay and the distant town below.

An ancient community

Thought to have been used since the Neolithic Age, excavations here also found Roman coins, suggesting it was still inhabited by the time the Roman Empire arrived on British shores.

Arrowheads and axes dating back millennia were also unearthed, so who knows what you might discover during your trip?

Holyhead Mountain is also home to Caer y Twr, a watchtower built by the Romans.

This watchtower was most likely used to signal attacks from Irish Raiders, warning the garrison stationed in Holyhead at Caer Gybi Roman Fort.

Since the watchtower is right at the very top of the mountain, it’s a fabulous vantage point with picture-perfect views over the coastline and the rest of Anglesey.

The Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles are a fascinating look into the lives of our ancient ancestors.

They’re sure to make your imagination run wild, and since they’re situated in such a lovely location on the historic island of Anglesey, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t check them out for yourself.

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