Holystone Wood

Holystone Wood

Connecting with nature is easier than you think

Be at one with nature as you take a trip on the back of a friendly horse to explore Holystone Wood.

Brush your fingers through your pal's soft, silky mane as you enter the forest, smelling the beautiful scents of the greenery all around you.

You'll no doubt be in a reflective mood as you move through the stunning scenery, greeting people who pass you by and letting your mind wander as you take it all in.

A step back in time

If you're looking to uncover some of the local area's best-kept secrets, take the Lady's Well walking trail where you can find an impressive hidden history.

Grip your explorer map to help you find your way while the plants sway in the gentle breeze around you. None of the longer paths are waymarked so it'll come in handy!

The path leads to the National Trust landmark where St Paulinus, the first bishop of York, apparently baptised 3000 Northumbrians in 627AD over the Easter period.

You'll find a small statue of him overlooking the gorgeous pool as you marvel at the legendary events that happened here.

See the forest from two wheels

Want to try something more exhilarating? Feel the wind hitting your legs as you wear your comfiest shorts to go mountain biking.

As you stop once in a while to have a nice cold sip of water, be sure to take in the beautiful views and peacefulness of the forest around you.

The relaxing atmosphere and that new sparkle in your eye will keep you coming back again and again to the stunning Holystone Wood to indulge in more wonderful activities.

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