Hopton Wood

Hopton Wood

Breathe in the smell of fresh clean air when you head to Hopton Wood.

As your skin is warmed with the help of the sun's rays, you'll be reminded that this is a fresh day and a new start.

The heart and soul of mountain biking in Shropshire

Experienced rider or not, the woods offer a path for every ability. Let your wheels spin as you take the Warm-up Loop before letting the magnificent adventure begin at Pearce XC.

The wind brushing through your hair at the wide tracks at Hopton Blue (suitable for the less experienced rider) makes the day all the more thrilling.

You can feel relaxed, knowing you aren't going to get in anyone's way, and can take all the time you need to practice your riding skills on the uneven surfaces.

Not sure which path to take? Download the free map of Hopton Wood trails which will help you to navigate your way through the woodland.

Wrap up your day with a nice meal

Pull up a pew at one of the picnic tables near the Hopton Wood car park to round off your day.

Take out the tasty salad you've packed and wash it down with some refreshing sparkling apple and elderflower juice. What a treat!

A day reconnecting with nature is a day well spent in our books, so why not head down to Hopton Wood?

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