Horrocks Wood

Horrocks Wood

Explore the beautiful landscape

If you're a major fan of walking, we've found the perfect spot for you at Horrocks Wood in Bolton, North Wales.

Stroll around utterly breathtaking landscapes and spot the creatures of the wood as they peep out to say hello.

Relaxing walking paths

Breathe in the fresh air as you silently listen to the sound of the hunting barn owls.

The ducks welcome the beautiful starlight and the moon takes the sky's stage as you walk along forest paths to explore the gorgeous landscapes of Lancashire.

Zip up your jacket as you watch the breathtaking pink clouds drift across the sky and the owls come out to play.

Take shelter from the wind in the canopy of the tall trees which take you in and protect you from the elements.

Relax in the heart of the earth

Be at one with the world as you head along your route, hearing the birds calling and squirrels chattering in between the bushes.

You'll have great peace of mind knowing you've shared an amazing experience and reconnected with nature at Horrocks Wood.

See the birds flying from branch to branch and you'll notice the younger trees decorated with stunning red and orange leaves in the autumn.

Stop for a second and you might just find the perfect spot to admire the beautiful view of the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Plan your next visit

This marvellous forest is a great place to get your daily workout done or explore nature, even by yourself.

All you need to do is wrap up warm to enjoy the forest at dusk, take a flask of hot coffee to enjoy and you're all good to go!

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Scout Road,
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