Houghton Forest

Houghton Forest

Enjoy time to yourself

There's no better way to spend your free time than at Houghton Forest.

Sink into the moment as you relax, leaning back with your hands behind your head on a huge tree trunk, your feet touching the soft grass with your bike beside you on the ground.

Get, set, go

Your heart will be filled with energy on your mountain bike as you hear the wind in your ears.

With your wheels rolling in the dirt, you'll be feeling as happy as a pig in mud!

There'll be a sense of excitement running through your veins when you fix your helmet on your head and hear the birds tweeting on the branches as if they're cheering you on.

A simple way to experience lovely nature

The glory of the forest is uncovered when the sun hits the ground and lights up the soil beneath your feet.

Walk to the same rhythm and beat of your favourite songs while your heart sighs under the weight of happiness.

But be sure to stop for a moment, take off your headphones and breathe in the fresh air with silence all around you.

Look around and you might just notice roots peeping out like wrinkles from the ground that show the age of the tall trees.

Your new retreat

You might just find your new happy place here as you take a seat on one of the trunks, watching the yellow and red leaves bow towards each other.

Over your shoulder, you might spot the red mushrooms that look as if they've been plucked straight out of a fairytale.

The little things in Houghton Forest will bring you joy and you'll feel that you're a part of a special piece of the South Downs every time you visit.

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