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Well luckily for you, they’re now being given a voice, and you can hear what they have to say on a tour aptly named If Buildings Could Talk.  

Hear the bricks of Belfast 

Your tour will start in Donegall Square, just across from the city hall.  

This is a walking tour, but since Belfast is very flat and the pace of the tour is quite relaxed, even those who don’t do much walking are sure to find it comfortable, however wheelchair access is not available. 

Over the course of around two hours, you’ll walk around Belfast’s ancient streets in search of some of the city’s most interesting and strangest tales, shepherded by a funny and charming guide. One of Barney’s customers said the tour is “Billed as the most entertaining tour in Belfast”, this sums up the attraction perfectly. 

The tales they’ll tell range from decades to centuries old, and we promise the humour and intrigue they’ll sprinkle into them will have you totally engrossed. 

No ordinary tour 

This isn’t really a tour about the rich history of this city or the conflict it has seen - it’s a tour about the places in Belfast themselves, and what has happened around them. 

From pubs to banks to cafes, you’ll be whisked along to unexpectedly ordinary buildings - not the kind of places you’d usually be taken on a normal tour!  

And yet these are spots on your adventure for good reason: they all have a special story about this great city to tell.  

You’ll learn secrets and stories you would never hear otherwise, as if the concrete itself has come to life to regale the amazing things it’s seen.  

This unique approach to storytelling paints a rich picture of Belfast that most other tours simply don’t offer.  

The If Buildings Could Talk tour is a truly clever and unique concept, and we can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for things to do in Northern Ireland.  

Whether you’re local or just visiting Belfast, you’re bound to learn something in an experience as intriguing and this. 

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If Buildings Could Talk Tour

Take a walk through Belfast City centre and hear stories of interesting, unusual and entertaining events that have happened over the last 150 years

Available to 19 January 2025
9 Donegall Square North,
Belfast BT1 5GJ
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