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IHeartLondon Tours - London Walking Tours

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See the most famous sights in London with IHeartLondon tours

Created in 2018, IHeartLondon are an award-winning agency that specialise in fun, unique tours, suitable for all-ages! With a prevalent presence in London as 'one of the most entertaining tours', visit the capital city with your loved ones and embark upon some of the most exciting walking tours that London has to offer. 

There's so many things to do and see with IHeartLondon walking tours

Providing a plethora of walking tours, coach tours, river cruising and sightseeing, IHeartLondon tours are the go-to for a to-do in London. With tours being tailored for all ages, every member of the family can enjoy their day out in the hustle and bustle of London:

  • River Cruise: Explore the most famous sights and sounds of London on land and on the water of the iconic River Thames
  • Half-Day Iconic Sites: Enjoy a walking tour that covers some of the most historical and cultural landmarks in London with knowledgeable guides 
  • Notting Hill Tour: Discover the quintessential corners of London's most famous postcode and see the unique, quirky and hidden sights in this vibrant area
  • Exciting Full Day: Explore everything that London has to offer in one day! Enjoy the most famous sights in London as you board a classic big red bus to whiz through the streets in 
  • Historic Bridges: Discover London's past as you spend a day filled with history, culture and heritage touring the oldest and most grandiose monuments in the capital city
  • Harry Potter Tour: The must-do tour for wizards and witches worldwide! Explore Harry Potter's London from a magical and muggle perspective with Potter-related filming locations

"One of the best walking tours I've experienced and I know this because I love walking tours. It’s a great way to get the feel of a new place, see the main sights, and adjust to the local culture. I met with local guide in the morning who took us around and later for a 'pub grub' which means lunch. All in all, I would use the company and do it again!" - TripAdvisor

Choose IHeartLondon tours for some of the best London walking tours

With a wide range of walking tours in London, you're spoilt for choice with tour providers - but IHeartLondon pride themselves on their passion, knowledge and originality, offering some of the most unique tours in London. Why should you choose them?

  • Honesty: Honesty is the bedrock of IHL's foundation. They are committed to delivering on their promises and creating a travel experience based on trust. 
  • Kindness: The dedicated staff are committed to spreading positivity, and consistently kind and considerate towards all guests. 
  • Originality: Every traveler is different - so enjoy these carefully-crafted, one-of-a-kind experiences!
  • Openness: Feedback and opinions are respected, appreciated and actively encouraged.
  • Quality: Experience the agency's unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality tours with meticulous planning!
  • Fast-booking: Book your tickets in less than 10 clicks and receive confirmation within 60 seconds!

"Ollie was great, very knowledgeable, and fun to be with! She used the time wisely and packed our day full of sites. It was very enjoyable including a scenic lunch!" - TripAdvisor

Book IHeartLondon tours tickets now and experience some of the best walking tours in London!

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River Cruise - IHeartLondon Tours

Discover London by boat and foot when you explore with IHeartLondon Tours and take an unforgettable cruise along the River Thames

Available to 7 June 2025

Half Day Iconic Sites - IHeartLondon Tours

Tour the most historical and cultural heritage sites in London with IHeartLondon tours and discover London's most famous landmarks

Available to 7 June 2025

Notting Hill Tour

Explore the most vibrant area of London with IHeartLondon tours and enjoy a fantastic Notting Hill walking tour, suitable for all ages

Available to 7 June 2025

Exciting Full Day - IHeartLondon Tours

Visit the most exciting and famous landmarks in London on a full day tour with IHeartLondon tours! Enjoy this family-friendly walking tour of London

Available to 7 June 2025

Historic Bridges Tour - IHeartLondon Tours

Spend the day touring the historical hot spots of London Town with world-famous bridges & quintessential architecture with IHeartLondon Tours

Available to 7 June 2025

Harry Potter Tour - IHeartLondon Tours

Let IHeartLondon tours transport you to the Wizarding World quicker than floo powder when you book the Harry Potter Walking Tour in London!

Available to 7 June 2025
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London WC1A 1DG
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How to find us

Please note: Your London walking tours will take place from various starting locations. Please check the location of the specific tour you'd like to participate in to ensure you're attending the correct meeting point.

Address: City View House, 1 Dorset Place, London, E15 1BZ

What3Words: hired.mice.bells


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public transport accessible
  • Parking nearby

Many of IHeartLondon tours are primarily walking tours, however they are accessible for wheelchair users, but please bare in mind that you will be covering a lot of ground on these tours. 

There are no age restrictions for IHeartLondon tours, making them suitable for all ages, and the whole family!

Please ensure you are supervising children and be respectful of other guests. 

Certain landmarks require more time to reach than others, and some require additional time to complete sightseeing. 

Due to this, there isn't a designated time for each attraction.

  • Tour guides are knowledgeable and experienced and will modify their tours according to the tour groups behaviour and requests. 
  • If you don't have much time at an attraction and you'd like more, reach out to the guide and they will see if they can cater to your request. 
  • Remember, there's only so many hours in a day, so trust your guide - they'll help you make the most of your walking tour in London!

Guests who are running late will be given an additional five minutes to arrive. 

  • Please make sure you are in frequent communication with your guide, and provide updates and ETA's on your location. 
  • If you are very late, it's easy enough to catch the tour group up and reunite whilst they're on the move. To do this, please enquire with your guide about the next location, and arrive 5 minutes beforehand to deter further delays. 
  • If you arrive any later than five minutes, the guide will leave without you to avoid delaying other guests experiences. 

Please note: Please try and arrive 15 minutes before your tour is due to depart. This'll ensure you'll have the best experience with no delays.

Wear whatever is comfortable. You'll be covering a lot of ground, so a sturdy pair of shoes and layers are essential to keep you dry and comfortable. 

You don't need to bring much else with you. 

I Heart London tours recommend bringing:

  • Appropriate clothing with layers
  • A bag for water
  • Extra snacks

Unfortunately, hot food and beverages are not permitted onboard any of IHeartLondon tours vehicles. This is to ensure the vehicles remain in good condition for the next guests, and to avoid any health and safety concerns.

However, you are more than welcome to bring bottled water and cold snacks for the journey. 

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