Rediscover London: Q.I. Myth Busting Tour - Imagine Experiences

Rediscover London: Q.I. Myth Busting Tour - Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences London

Available to 19 October 2022

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Think you know London well? This alternative “tour” on a vintage red bus may just prove otherwise.

A journey of discovery that’ll send you home with a repertoire of impressive facts and anecdotes to dine out on for years to come. Finish with a hearty pub lunch and a nice pint!

Everyone across the globe is familiar with the iconic buildings, palaces, and monuments of London, but how much do you really know? And is what you know the truth…? Well, the reality is probably not!

Head on a journey of rediscovery in style; on an original London Transport, diesel-engined, 97 horsepower omnibus - AKA The Routemaster! The historic, vintage vehicle will not only show you some great places, but we will also explore the myths and legends behind them; blowing away the cobwebs of history and laying the facts bare, which are often surprising … and frequently much more interesting!

Discover a city that isn’t a city. A place of historic worship that is mis-named. Explain why Nelson’s Column isn’t! Some of the words and phrases familiar to us today have their origins in London. In fact, there's even their own language… cushty!

Then what could be better than traditional pub fare? English pubs are famous worldwide, so come along. We think you’ll find it Quite Interesting!

116 Piccadilly,

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