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Available to 11 February 2023

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A unique experience in the Tower of London

It's 1605 and a dark plot is unfolding in the depths of the Tower of London vaults... Meet a group of plotters in the Duck & Drake pub, led by the nefarious Guy Fawkes, who plans to blow up the buildings of Parliament on the fifth of November. We all know how the story ended, but now's your chance to get involved with history itself. Will the outcome still be the same?

Imagine Experiences' The Gunpowder Plot is an innovative new way to experience one of London's most infamous stories from its long and dark history. Combining actor-performed theatre with digital tech and virtual reality, you can now become a part of the story and interact with the world and actors around you on this immersive journey into Jacobean London, beginning and ending at the Tower of London. 

Will history repeat itself? Or will you shape the story into something else? 

8-12 Tower Hill EC3N 4EE
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Imagine are located now in both London and Edinburgh! They have expanded to bring their immersive magic to more of the UK!

You will never be lost in the crowd and can be assured of having your own space. Their experiences will have a maximum of 10 people (depending on space available). 

The duration of the experiences can vary greatly. Please make sure you check the additional information section in each landing page to find out how long your experience will be.

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