Innisidgen Lower and Upper Burial Chambers

Innisidgen Lower and Upper Burial Chambers

Away from the mainland of the UK, the Isles of Scilly sit in peace as the ocean tides wash up and down the shore.

They sound like something out of a Greek myth, where Zeus went on holiday – or where the sirens called out and tempted sailors passing by.

Exploring the past

But the islands are proudly within the UK, and although it’d be easy to believe the stories you hear are filled with myths and legends, in fact, most of them are the actual history of the area.

Step up Innisidgen Lower and Upper Burial Chambers. They date back to the Bronze Age, some 5000 years ago.

Without seeing these tombs, it would be so easy for their stories to fall into legend, but the fact they still remain confronts you with the realness of a time long before our own.

Views from an archipelago

Exploring the burial chambers is only half the joy of your adventure on St Mary’s.

The island's remoteness makes it unlikely you’ve randomly ended up there, and we imagine you’ve been planning a trip and admiring the island through plenty of pictures.

But standing there, the sea stretching away, melding into the sky on the horizon: it truly compares to nothing else. It’s one of the most beautiful landscapes you’re likely to lay your eyes upon in the whole of Britain.

Covered with blankets of grass

When you finally manage to pull yourself away from the landscape surrounding St Mary’s, there’s some exploring to get stuck into.

Both the upper and lower Innisidgen Burial Chambers jut out of the earth, covered in a blanket of grass and moss, highlighting every detail of the stones underneath.

The upper burial chamber is one of the best examples of an entrance grave on the Isles of Scilly.

It’s remarkable to think it dates back thousands of years when it stands so impressively over the area today.

Excavations here uncovered cremated human remains and funeral urns. Whoever was buried here must have lived one remarkable life - you don’t get the best seat in the house for no reason.

Finding stillness for a moment

When the world gets too loud and you need a moment to yourself, a walk to the burial chambers and the views which accompany you on the Isles of Scilly work as one remarkable antidote.

So what do you reckon? Fancy an adventure?

Carn Vean,
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