Bushcraft & Field Archery - Hunter Gatherer Survivalist Day

Bushcraft & Field Archery - Hunter Gatherer Survivalist Day

Insight Activities

Available to 31 December 2023
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A fantastic day immersed in the woods. Learn essential bushcraft survival skills including different firelighting techniques (no matches) magnesium striker, traditional flint and steel.

Camp craft involves knife skills making tent pegs / mallets / spoons / natural cordage.

Shelter building using bashas to name but a few. Bushcraft is a vast area of possible skills we can explore.

Field archery is NOT standing in a field shooting at a target - Insight Activities' woodland ranges are unique and will have you shooting interesting targets 'off piste' - through the trees, uphill to downhill and around obstacles.

More of a traditional archery hunter experience, however Insight Activities absolutely do not condone hunting animals for sport! A great woodland day for all ages 12+ - no previous experience required.


  • Toilets

Duration - 5 hours

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