Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge

Being affirmed as an English Heritage site is no mean feat. But the Iron Bridge in Shropshire goes one impressive step further.

Up there with the greats

In 1986, the Iron Bridge was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which puts it in the same category as places like Machu Picchu in Peru, the Statue of Liberty in the USA, and Pompeii in Italy – just to name a few.

Clearly, places like Pompeii are much older, comparatively the Iron Bridge sits in its youthful bliss – yet to even celebrate its 250th birthday – but that just shows how important the site has been in shaping the modern world.

History tied into the natural world

But less about the history for a moment, because you can read about that anywhere. What we’re really excited about is what you’ll discover when you arrive.

The village of Ironbridge is tucked away in the gorge of the same name.

Flowing through the whole area, the River Severn weaves its way through like a ribbon in the breeze - woodlands and rising treetops dominating one side – houses and shops the other.

We think dropping the car off at Dale End Car Park just downstream of the bridge is the best place to start.

Take a leisurely stroll from here and make your way along the river’s edge, past independent shops and pubs – popping in a few if the temptation strikes – before the bridge begins to emerge and steal all your attention.

Over the bridge we go!

It immediately invites you to step on, walk across and back again just for the simple pleasure that oddly comes with crossing a bridge.

Stand at the centre where the arch is at its highest and admire one side before switching and discovering what delights you can find down the other.

Close your eyes and listen for a moment. Between the noises of families cheering over ice cream and excited chatter, you can hear the sounds of nature in the wooded hillsides just over the way.

Let your imagination take over for just a moment and suddenly the sounds of clanging hammers on iron fill the whole valley, echoing from bank to bank in memory of a time long ago.

Warm smiles welcome you back

You’ll discover one of England’s most impressive historical landmarks when you arrive in Ironbridge, but history is only part of what makes it an adventure that stands out from any other.

The whole village, from the pubs and cafes to the shops and locals, welcome you with warm smiles and open arms.

Now that sounds like an adventure we all could do with.

68 Bower Yard,
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