Jeskyns Community Woodland

Jeskyns Community Woodland

There's a full world inside Jeskyns Community Woodland, waiting to be explored: a world of adventure, play areas, horse riding, and unimaginable beauty - a world for now and forever in everyone's reach.

Offline is a new luxury

The fairies and elves will no doubt be woken up at The Fairy Forest as the kids laugh with joy, blown away by the cuteness of the little Acorn Apartments and the Mushroom Manor.

Let's be real here - kids have energy all the time but as a parent, you might just need to refuel.

What better way to do that than stopping off at the cafe to sip at your frothy coffee and tuck in to the delicious cheese sandwiches you've brought along with you?

That also buys you some time to download the Gruffalo Spotter 2 app.


Ready, parents? Start the wonderful Gruffalo Spotters trail at Jeskyns which begins 100m south of the cafe.

Watch the kids running around and calling back to you as they find their favourite characters. This is a fantastic way for them to learn as they listen carefully to the story on the app.

Find your route the old-fashioned way

Hear the sound of the cow mooing as you find your way with orienteering. Various trails are ready to be explored whether you're a beginner, expert, or exploring with the kids.

Feel the cool grass underfoot as you pull your map out of your backpack and navigate your way through, using the control points to guide you.

Return to this beautiful place

The memory of this place will surface repeatedly over the years, encouraging you to come back again to find a moment of peace and freedom in the forest.

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