Jordan Hill Roman Fort

Jordan Hill Roman Fort

In the gorgeous seaside town of Weymouth, there’s a grassy clearing in the middle of pleasant sunny fields.

Look a little closer and you’ll find the remains of an ancient building.

Those in the know will tell you that Jordan Hill Roman Temple once stood here, a place where Celtic religions and Christianity were worshipped together.

Religious ruins with ravishing views

Built during the 4th-century near the end of the Roman rule, this temple had fantastic views over Weymouth Bay and the surrounding Dorset landscape, and it would have even been visible to those out at sea.

The views here really are spectacular, so be sure you check them out for yourself.

A Celtic connection

What makes Jordan Hill Roman Temple interesting is the way it brought together the religions of both the Roman invaders and the Celtic natives.

While there were places here for traditional Christian worship, excavation from the 19th-century found an ashy pit in the south-east corner of the site, filled with various offerings such as coins, animal bones, and weapons.

If you’d like to see these offerings for yourself, they’re on display at Dorchester Museum, so make the trip there to complete this adventure.

Local farmers and fishermen would have come to this shrine to pray and leave offerings, regardless of their beliefs.

Could you imagine what this place must have looked like while it was still standing, full of Celts and Romans praying together?

Close to impressive castles

If you’re interested in the history of this area, the temple is also close to some other fascinating attractions. Weymouth is home to Sandsfoot Castle and Nothe Fort, two coastal sites from different time periods.

To the north near Dorchester is Maiden Hill, an Iron Age hillfort where the earthwork defences have shaped the land in mesmerising ways.

Meanwhile, across the water, there’s also Portland Castle, a 16th-century seaside fortress that was packed to the teeth with cannons.

You'll want to discover their stunning charm and rich histories while you're in the area.

There may not be much of Jordan Hill Roman Temple standing, but the history of this place and the views you’ll get from the ruins make the trip here well worth a day out.

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