Kennisham Hill

Kennisham Hill

Thinking about creating a new walking routine but not sure how or where to start? Let us help you discover a place you'll love to visit over and over again.

Look out from your car window as you approach and you'll see the breathtaking Kennisham Hill calling you through the leaves as they swing in the breeze, and the sunlight streams in between the long branches.

Pull on your trainers and let's begin!

We'd recommend digging out your most comfortable clothes to fully explore this forest.

Feel the soft soles of your shoes as you start your adventure, walking along the forest path and smelling the fresh air around you. Remember: comfort is key.

Plan a reasonable walking time around your busy life to take a moment out for yourself.

Birds will be creating their nests on the branches around you as you build up your distance every few weeks to feel healthier and stronger in a truly idyllic setting.

Come along with company! 

No motivation for the day? Find new routes to take with great company - maybe an old friend or a beloved family member - and you'll always be discovering new things to see.

Explore the wide-open forest and you won't miss the beautiful Cheddar Pink flowers around you.

There's no doubt you'll notice their beautiful vibrant colour as you listen to your lovely dog excitedly discover new surroundings, digging in the soil as it goes on the adventure with you.

Always remember that every step counts and if you haven't reached your step goal today, there's always tomorrow to try again.

We're sure Kennisham Hill will keep tempting you to come back for more lovely walks in absolutely stunning surroundings.

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