Kenton Common

Kenton Common

Embrace the sunshine at Kenton Common, south of Exeter, and feel a special connection between you and the woodland as you take a deep breath of fresh air.

Connect with the charming nature around you

Nature shares its moments with you when the tip of the grass touches your skin as you walk along paths through the forest. Voices of birds float down to you and insects fly by so fast, beating their wings above you.

Stay for a while in between the tall trees, taking in the moment as you step back from technology and feel the embrace of the forest around you.

Enjoy the idea of working up a sweat? Take on the challenge of a lengthy walk. Feel your muscles work as you walk 2.5k, 4k, or 5k through beautiful woodland.

Interesting history nearby

After basking in spells of sunshine and feeling fresh air on your skin, why not make your visit even more exciting and visit the nearby village of Kenton?

There, you can admire a 14th-century church constructed in the stunning traditional Devonian style.

Time to rest and reward yourself

Seek out the nearby pub to tuck into some delicious food before you head home after a wonderful day of exploration.

Home is where the heart is but we can guarantee a piece of your heart will be left in this gorgeous woodland after you've seen the panoramic views across Exmouth at Kenton Common. What are you waiting for?

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