Kew Woods

Kew Woods

A quick walk along the soil path at Kew Woods near Southport is the perfect way to kick-start your day and warm up your muscles.

Bring a friend for some good company as you explore the trail. At the heart of your experience, there's a silence - the relaxing, tranquil sound of the forest.

Run through amazing woodland

Need a further push to get those trainers on and get going? There's nothing like feeling the freedom and joy as you complete a run, even if it's for fifteen minutes, enjoying a beautiful open space.

The forest will welcome you in all weathers. Why not arrive early and take in the earthy aroma of the first rain after a hot summer heatwave?

We've no doubt it'll lift your mood before a day at work and your mind will be even more focused throughout your time in the office.

Need a boost of inspiration on the weekend? Every Saturday at 9am, you can join the 5km parkrun for free. All abilities are welcome so there's no excuse not to join in!

You'll make great friends and you may find running will be your new lifelong hobby.

Let the kids discover the different birds

The kids will also love the atmosphere at Kew Woods. Hear their quiet whispers as they try not to scare the birds, holding their binoculars tight. How many different birds can they spot to put in their notebooks?

There's time and space for everyone here, no matter what pace you're going or how long you'd like to stay - Kew Woods will always be there to welcome you.

1 Duke Avenue,

Cafe, Toilets, Free parking