Keytar Heroes - Private Sessions (WeJam)

Keytar Heroes - Private Sessions (WeJam)

The Immersive Rockstar Experience

Available to 31 December 2023

Book now from £30.00

Keytar Heroes is the immersive experience that gives friends, families and colleagues the chance to form a band and play their favourite songs - even if they’re complete beginners.

It's a group activity that takes place in a recording studio, and an amazing alternative to Karaoke or Escape Rooms.

How does it work?

Each participant chooses their instrument and is assigned a tablet device.

Beginners are shown colour coded graphics on screen, guiding them which notes to play.

More experienced musicians can choose to see traditional notation instead.

To make things even easier for beginners, our talented team of songwriters have developed super simplified versions of your favourite tunes, meaning you'll only have to play one note at a time.

Successfully playing these pared-down parts will unlock and trigger the more complicated original note combinations, meaning everyone can sound like a Rockstar!

What's more, if you ever find it too easy, we can ramp up the difficulty level.

Book up to 6 people per group in these private sessions, see rates for all below!


Private session for 3: £45.00 per person
Private session for 4: £40.00 per person
Private session for 5: £35.00 per person
Private session for 6: £30.00 per person

Duration: 1 hour

London NW1 8NJ
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