Kidland Forest

Kidland Forest

Wander around Kidland Forest and hear the River Alwin trickling by as fallen leaves land gently on its surface.

Located in Northumberland National Park, the tweeting of the birds will help you wake up as you head north of Alwinton to discover this beautiful place.

Smell the fresh needles from the larch trees while you enjoy exercising in this amazing forest.

Patience is everything

Bring a healthy snack along to stimulate your energy as you walk through the woods, hearing the red squirrels chattering away while holding acorns in their cute paws.

This breathtaking forest is classified as a Red Squirrel Reserve and we've no doubt you'll have a smile on your face when you spot them wagging their bushy tails and clambering up the tree trunks.

Feeling adventurous? Bring your bike along and try cycling around the forest paths. Experience the wind brushing against your face as you move quickly across the ground.

See nature from another angle

Enjoy a ride on the back of a beautiful horse as you take a stroll through the fields of the countryside.

You'll feel the trust between you and this lovely creature as you hop on the saddle and enjoy a relaxing time, hearing the clip-clop of the horse's hooves beneath you.

Uncover an ancient monument

On your daily walk, you might just stumble across the charming 14th-century Memmerkirk Chapel.

Feel the cold stone that has withstood many types of different weather since it was first built.

Breathe the fresh air in and take your time to enjoy your daily walk with the help of the beautiful Kidland Forest surrounding you.

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