Kidzania London

Kidzania London

Unfortunately, Kidzania has been permanently closed. 

Here are more amazing things to do with the kids in London...

To be a kid is to dream. Endless days seemingly stretch ahead, filled with tea parties and banquets, games of make-believe and mind-blowing wonders.

Their imaginations are powerful, creating grand worlds and elaborate stories from the smallest of things.

An early start on the job

When you enter KidZania in London, the child-sized world giving your little ones the freedom to become whoever they want, it’s the beginning of a day they won’t stop talking about for a while.  

However much you tell your little ones to enjoy being young, at some point, they always wish to be a grown-up. Why not let them experience it for the day?

Job prospects are phenomenal in KidZania. Have they always dreamed of flying planes? Watch them pull on their British Airways uniform after attending Aviation Academy, ready to take to the skies!

Or perhaps they’ve always had a natural flair for a little rock and roll? We know of a band in desperate need of a drummer.

Now arriving in KidZania

First things first though, you’ll have to check in at the KidZania International Airport. Once you’re through, then the adventure really begins.

Entering KidZania is a completely unique experience for little ones and grown-ups alike. For the kids, immediately a big grin begins to stretch across their face as they take it all in. And for adults, well it’s exactly the same.

It’s impossible not to smile as you step foot into a city where you feel like a giant.

The city even has its own currency. As they enter, they’ll be given 50 KidZos to do with as they please.

Whether it’s investing to become a specialist in their profession or deciding to splash out, it’s completely up to them. However, the reward of their very own bank card when they reach 75 KidZos may be incentive enough to try and save up.

A treat to take home

Kids aged eight and above can roam KidZania without their grown-ups, where a trip to the Garden Shed for a sit-down and a moment of quiet may be very much needed.

Before everyone’s ready to head back home, be sure to pay The Airport Shop a visit. Little ones will get the chance to spend their hard-earned KidZos on something special to take home.

Just as exciting as their visit to KidZania are the stories that bring a big grin to their faces as they recall their time in a city built just for them.

Treat them to an adventure they’ll never forget.

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Ariel Way,
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