Kilburn Forest

Kilburn Forest

An afternoon of adventure

Dust off your walking boots, grab a map, and head to Kilburn Forest.

Located in beautiful North Yorkshire, a visit here provides a day of exploring, taking in beautiful scenery, and seeing unforgettable sights.

Pull up in the free car park, and get ready to start your adventure.

Two gorgeous walking trails to explore

If you’re after a long walk, head off on the Hood Hill trail. Here, you'll be rewarded with stunning views spanning North Yorkshire.

Along the way, be sure to take regular breaks to stop and admire the view. The Yorkshire countryside is so impressive and the uninterrupted views offer a great place to appreciate the scenery.

After something slightly shorter? The White Horse trail is perfect for you.

Set off on the two and a half kilometre walk and climb alongside the iconic White Horse, which spans half an acre and has been overlooking the Yorkshire countryside since the late 1850s. A walk here is the best chance to see it from a whole new perspective.

The paths on this trail are a bit uneven, and some areas are made up of soil and stones with steep climbs and descents. If you’re bringing the kids or dogs, we'd recommend going for the Hood Hill trail, which may be easier for everyone.

Tuck into a well-deserved picnic

All that walking making your stomachs rumble?

You’ll be eagerly keeping an eye out for a picnic area so you can have a break and tuck into those delicious sandwiches you made before you set off.

This gives you the perfect chance to pause, take in the views, and enjoy all the wildlife you’ve encountered on your walk so far.

Share your experience with loved ones

You’ll be eager to tell your friends and family about your walk and show them the photos you took on your day out.

Perhaps the next time you all meet for a catch-up, you’ll suggest taking a stroll here as you know they'll fall in love with the area, just like you did.

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