King's Forest

King's Forest

We all enjoy a walk through the woodland, reconnecting with nature and escaping the stresses of busy modern life. What could be better, with only the sounds of the birds to listen to?

Near Bury St Edmunds is King’s Forest, a beautiful area that is perfect for a solo walk to gather your thoughts or maybe even a chance to get the family together, relishing a day in the fresh air.

On a sunny day, you can look up and see the sun beaming through the trees, and through the winter, you'll love looking at the icicles hanging off the pine trees, getting you excited for Christmas.

Filled with wildlife

The forest is part of Breckland Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest and is a wildlife lover's paradise any time of the year.

You might just see fallow deer galloping around or beautiful butterflies, such as dingy skippers, fluttering by. Admire the carpet of bird’s-foot-trefoil, a magnificent yellow flower that can be seen between May and September.

Bring your four-legged friends

Dogs are part of the family and luckily nobody has to be left at home as dogs are more than welcome here.

They’ll love running through the trees and bushes, seeing what they can find. We’re sure the car journey home will be filled with sleepy children (and dogs!) who'll have burned off so much energy exploring the beautiful landscapes and fresh air.

You could even explore all that King’s Forest has to offer on horseback, for a whole new experience!

Picnic time

There’s also a picnic area on your walk which provides the best place to sit down and tuck into those delicious sandwiches and homemade cakes you packed this morning.

After your walk, perhaps you fancy a scrumptious meal? Only nine miles away from King’s Forest is the lovely market town of Thetford which has plenty of cosy pubs, restaurants, and cafes for you to enjoy.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your comfy shoes and come to enjoy the fresh air at King’s Forest. You won't regret it.

Nightingale Lodge,
Brandon Road,

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