King's Wood

King's Wood

Step into King’s Wood and be greeted by enchanting woodland, magnificent wildlife, and beautiful landscapes as you make lifelong memories.

This forest was once a royal hunting ground but it's now the perfect place to soak up the fresh air and tuck into a yummy homemade picnic.

You’ll find the 1500-acre woodland in the heart of the stunning Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Set off on a beautiful walk

The forest isn’t waymarked, so blow the dust off that map that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for years and start planning a route.

Maybe you just want to arrive at the forest and head in the direction you feel looks the most inviting and intriguing? Whatever you decide to do, you'll see wonderful things whichever way you go.

With a mixture of conifers and broadleaf trees shading you from the elements, you're provided with the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Visit in spring and you might even be lucky enough to see the ground laced with a carpet of bluebells!

Filled with wildlife

As well as the beautiful trees and plants, you’ll also be warmly welcomed by birds singing to you in the trees.

Look out for fallow deer, as they run free in the woods - it's truly magnificent to see one out in the wild on your walk.

Picnic time

Shelter under the trees as you find an idyllic place to stop and tuck into your picnic.

There's no better spot to enjoy homemade sandwiches and scrumptious cakes than in the heart of a forest, surrounded by silence only broken by the wildlife wandering around, intrigued by your presence.

You never know what you might find

While you’re walking through King’s Wood, keep an eye out for something unusual. Artists create sculptures here using natural materials that they’ve found in the woods.

These beauties are part of the natural forest cycle and will one day be almost unrecognisable as they blend in with their surroundings. If you look carefully, you may even see the ‘ghosts’ of old sculptures hidden within.

Next time you visit, see what new creations you can spot in the peaceful woodland. A trip to King's Wood will be a day out to remember for all.

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