Kingston Russell Stone Circle

Kingston Russell Stone Circle

Discover the fascinating history

The sun shines above you to showcase the history of Kingston Russell Stone Circle.

Touch one of the 18 fallen stones, close your eyes, and let yourself go back in time to the late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age.

What's the story behind the stones?

The use of these magnificent stones is still unknown, but you can just imagine how they might have been used for ceremonies and ritual gatherings from the way they're positioned.

As you wander the site, breathe in the earthy scents coming from the open green spaces that decorate this wide area of Dorest, filled with an exciting history spanning thousands of years.

When should you visit?

As you can reach the Circle on foot, maybe it's a good idea to begin your morning with a historic adventure and a brisk walk.

Clear your mind and absorb the stunning surroundings, thinking about what life must have been like in the times of late Neolithic Britain.

Once you've discovered the history, head a short way into the village for a delightful lunch, a perfect ending to a day of exploring remarkable history.

But if you want to find out more tales of this picturesque area, take a trip to the nearby Abbotsbury Abbey Remains.

Become instantly mesmerised by its stature and beauty as you roam the 13th and 14th-century remains, once home to black-robed monks that followed St Benedict’s rule.

The history will call you back

You can't beat a countryside walk when walking on the grass and overlooking the charming Abbotsbury village.

You'll probably even hear the wind moving the waves over the English Channel coast when visiting the Kingston Russell Circle.

Whether you come with friends or alone, the time you'll spend here will become fond memories.

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Gorwell Farm House,

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