Kit Kat Club

Kit Kat Club

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Welcome to the Kit Kat Club. It's time to let go of all your problems and relax, loosen up, to be yourself. 

The Kit Kat Club has taken over the Playhouse Theatre in London, laid siege to the building and declared it fit for one thing and one thing only: the party at the end of the world. 

And Cabaret, one of the most successful and brilliant musicals of all time, is part of it all. 

Arrive early and you'll get the chance to explore the club, dine in style and maybe even treat yourself to a few drinks before the performance begins.

And why not? The Kit Kat Club is all about being yourself and enjoying the party. It's time to sit back and immerse yourself in the brilliance that is Cabaret.


It's time to relax, loosen up, be yourself - the Kit Kat Club invites you to witness Cabaret in all its magnificence

Available to 1 February 2025 Westminster

Toilets, Bar, Hearing Assistance & Captioning, Visual Impairment & Audio Description