Alice’s Adventures Underground

Alice’s Adventures Underground

Labyrinth Waterloo

Available to 7 January 2024

You're late, you're late!

This immersive take on Alice in Wonderland is making its grand return and is ready to take you down the rabbit hole to Lewis Carroll's world like you've never imagined it before! 

Full of music, puppetry and effects, this underground adventure will have you feel as though you've just been snapped to Wonderland with yourself as the main character. Can you find Alice, who's become lost in the looking glass, before the wicked Queen of Hearts gets you? 

Follow the White Rabbit, meet the Cheshire Cat, dine with the March Hare and go mad with the Mad Hatter as well as all the other iconic characters we know and love. Plus one or two surprises! 

This unique and interactive performance makes its return at LABYRINTH Waterloo in 2022, so don't miss out on this wonderful trip to Wonderland for an experience like no other! 

Waterloo Station,
The Sidings SE1 7BH
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