Laneskin Wood

Laneskin Wood

An idyllic place to connect with nature

Let the towering trees guide you along as you explore the natural beauty of Laneskin Wood.

The peaceful surroundings, broken by birds singing in the trees, invite you to discover all the beautiful area has to offer.

A visit here is perfect to switch off from a busy week as you get lost in your own thoughts. Pause and take a moment to reflect on what you’re enjoying.

The scent of wildflowers blooming fills the fresh air as the sun shines through the tree branches above you.

The paths aren't waymarked here, so find the route that seems most intriguing to you.

Who knows what gems you may find?

Feeling peckish?

Look out for a shaded area on your walk that looks the perfect place to sit down and relax as you tuck into a delicious, well-deserved picnic.

Perhaps it’s the sandwiches you’re looking forward to most? Or taking that first bite of a delicious homemade cake? Enjoy it all in the most picturesque surroundings as you plan your next visit here.

All the family are welcome

Your four-legged friend can join in on the fun too.

Watch them bound along the paths, tails wagging, as they make friends with the wonderful wildlife and take in all the new woodland scents.

A fabulous day out for everyone

Little ones will love the adventures, and rest assured, there will be lots of sleepy heads in the back seats on the way home as they dream of their next visit.

Pack that picnic, pop on some comfy shoes, and dust off your old maps as you head off on your next family adventure, creating lifelong memories in the most beautiful way.

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