Laughton Forest

Laughton Forest

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From dawn till dusk, through the seasons that come and go – Laughton Forest awaits anyone seeking the peace of nature.

Walking for peace

Just north of Laughton, you’ll find the forest tucked away in the Lincolnshire countryside, away from the sounds of the modern world.

Whether it’s a day-long adventure or you’re just looking to escape for a few hours on the weekend, walking beside the trees and over the leaf-covered trails of Laughton Forest brings a calmness and sense of peace that’s hard to replicate anywhere else.

Pathways cut between tree trunks and beside grounds bursting with life.

In the rustling canopy up high, squirrels and birds dart from branch to branch, leaving you staring up wide-eyed into the world above.

Time to yourself

Bring a loved one along for the trip if you fancy some company on your adventure. But we get that sometimes it’s a solo trip that’s needed most.

Your focus falls onto the simple things: the way your feet crunch down on the earth below, how your breath rises and falls in your body, how the light radiates through the whole forest.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that have the biggest impacts.

Did somebody say… WALK?

But often, just as rewarding as a solo adventure is one accompanied by your four-legged friend.

We’re sure after they’ve bounded their way along the pathways of Laughton Forest, you’ll have one happy (and very sleepy) pup on your hands.

Whether it’s your first time visiting the forest, or it’s been a recurring background to your weekend mornings for years, its pathways welcome you back like an old friend no matter – leaving you to explore at your own pace.

Pack some water and throw in a few snacks and you’re sorted, a day of adventure waiting ahead of you.

Laughton Forest,
West Lindsey,

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