Mountain Biking Pay and Ride - Lee Valley VeloPark

Mountain Biking Pay and Ride - Lee Valley VeloPark

Lee Valley VeloPark

Available to 22 March 2025
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60 Minutes of Mountain Biking in London - Pay and Ride

Enjoy the freedom of mountain biking in London when you go for one of Lee Valley's MTB Pay & Ride tracks. Hire one of Lee Valley's bikes or bring your own as you explore this unmatched cycling spot in London. Tackle the tricky terrain trail with your friends, family or solo for an unforgettable mountain biking experience!

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E15 2EG
  • Bike, helmet and glove hire
  • Cafe
  • Toilets 
  • Riders are required to wear helmets at all times while cycling
  • Children aged 11 and under must be accompanied by parent / guardian to two children
  • Children aged 12 and over do not require parent / guardian supervision but this is recommended
  • Only purpose-built mountain bikes may be ridden on the mountain bike trails
  • When cycling at the venue you must wear a top at all times
  • Wearing cycling gloves is strongly recommended for the mountain biking pay and ride session
  • Using headphones, earphones or earpieces is not permitted whilst cycling
  • Cycling while pregnant is only permitted on the outside road circuit for health and safety reasons
  • During the winter months the circuit may open slightly later than stated to allow any frost or ice to melt
  • Please ensure the activity band provided is attached to your helmet or handlebars and is visible at all times

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