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Back on the bike

Memories of whizzing around your neighbourhood on the back of a bike arrive in many of our minds with a fond and warming childhood magic.

But we don’t think these memories should be reserved solely for your childhood days, and neither do Liverpool Cycle Tours.

That’s why they’ve taken to the streets of Liverpool, guiding fellow two-wheel-enthusiasts along the way to discover the city’s marvellous history and exciting modern culture.

There’s plenty of tours to choose from, all filled with their own unique sights and settings. Head out on the City Centre Tour for a speedy trip around the city’s most famous destinations.

See the Albert Docks, The Three Graces, and The Cavern Club (just to name a few) in all their beauty. Be sure to keep a camera close by so you can snap some pics of all these incredible locations.

A standout among them all has got to be Liverpool Cathedral.

From all over the city, the cathedral rises up in all its gothic splendour like a giant against the skyline. Then when you arrive up close to the building, somehow it becomes even more magnificent.

You’ll even have around five minutes or so to explore inside if the cathedral’s open.

A little helping hand

The tour is mostly downhill, so most of the time you’ll just be cruising in style and won’t need to worry about any strenuous leg workout.

But there’s also the option to hire an electric bike if needed.

On The Beatles Tour however, electric bikes are the go-to. The bike takes all the strain out of pedalling, and as you’ll be whizzing around the city – from the likes of Penny Lane to Strawberry Field – it’s more than welcome.

Anyone fancy a drink?

Bike tours aren’t the only thing Liverpool Cycle Tours are famous for, however. When the drinks come out for the evening, the bikes get put away.

The Walking & Drinking City Centre Tour does what it says on the tin.

Your night begins at the Philharmonic Pub, then from there you’ll make your way to a few other fine drinking establishments, passing by some of the city’s most renowned landmarks along the way.

What tour you decide to take is entirely up to you. But either way, when you spend a day discovering Liverpool, it’s inevitable the charm of the place will be calling you back in no time.

Which just means that other tour you didn’t get a chance to do? Well, on your second visit, it’ll be waiting there for you.

The Electric Beatles Tour

Explore Liverpool by bicycle, just as The Beatles did all those years ago and create memories of a lifetime that are perfect for any Beatles fan

Available to 31 December 2024

City Centre Tour

One of the quickest ways to explore the highlights of Liverpool City with a cycle tour around town

Available to 31 December 2024

City Centre Walking & Drinking Tour

Experience Liverpool as if you were a local and explore the city's fine pubs and finer wine.

Available to 31 December 2024
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