Llangar Old Parish Church

Llangar Old Parish Church

In remote northern Wales, hidden away amongst the scenic pastures in the countryside, is an ancient church.

As you step into the grounds of Llangar Old Parish Church, you'll truly feel like you’ve been transported hundreds of years back in time, and as you explore within, you might uncover some fascinating relics left by those who once worshipped here.

Scenic and secretive

Thanks to its secretive location, finding this church will be the first task on your adventure. As you walk by the pleasant Welsh farmlands, you’ll eventually stumble upon it, a beautiful chapel by the tranquil River Dee.

This grand white building is surrounded by trees and faded, mossy gravestones, setting the scene for an intriguing few hours of exploration.

Mystery awaits

It’s not wholly clear when Llangar Old Parish Church was built. It might have existed since the 12th century, but the mesmerising wall paintings seem to suggest the current building was built a few hundred years later.

However, Llangar was abandoned in the 1800s after the Church of St John Evangelist was built nearby. Because of this, it's managed to remain the same for centuries.

When you step inside, you’ll be blown away by just how perfectly preserved it is.

Fantastic furnishings

As you venture within, you’ll be greeted by ancient stone walls and wooden furniture, as well as a pulpit where sermons would have been delivered.

It’s easy to imagine the local peasants crammed together on the pews, their heads lowered in prayer while the voice of the priest reverberated off the walls around them.

Peculiar paintings

At the far end of the building, a medieval stained glass window lights up this snug interior, illuminating fantastic imagery on the walls.

While much of this artwork is faded, look out for a massive spear-holding skeleton, as well as depictions of the Seven Deadly Sins riding animals.

Religious imagery such as this isn’t used anymore, so looking at these strange pictures really is like staring through a window into the past: will you find them fascinating, or unsettling?

A hidden gem

Llangar Old Parish Church is a stunning little building in a beautiful location that seems frozen in time.

What’s more, since it’s so out of the way, we’re sure your trip here will be quiet and relaxing.

Whether you’re here for the history within or the lovely views outside, this really is a great place to choose for your next adventure through Wales.

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