Llansteffan Castle

Llansteffan Castle

If you’re looking for beautiful old buildings, look no further than Llansteffan Castle.

This ancient fortress has stood high over Carmarthen Bay for thousands of years, in a spot that provides one of the best views in all of Wales.

Unforgettable views

As you climb the hill to reach Llansteffan Castle, you’ll have spectacular views over the sandy Carmarthen Bay and the sparkling waters of the Tywi Estuary beyond.

On a sunny day, you might forget you’re even in Wales and think you’ve ended up in a tropical paradise!

Looking back the way you came, you’ll be able to see the serene Welsh pastures stretching for miles into the distance, rising and falling like waves in a lush green sea.

The views here are truly unbeatable, and we promise they’ll stick with you for a long time to come.

Castle on a historic hill

Llansteffan Castle controlled an important crossing over the River Tywi, so its builders made sure it was as well defended as it was pretty.

The tall, treeless hill that the castle stands upon allowed those within to keep watch over the surrounding land, and made the fortress difficult to attack. The looming gatehouse was built later, and with its two towers and portcullis, it kept many would-be invaders at bay.

Although the castle was built in the 12th-century, the site it occupies has been protected since the Iron Age.

Before it was a castle, it was a fort used by our prehistoric ancestors, before it was rebuilt with stronger stone walls by the Normans during their invasion of Wales. In this war, the castle passed hands many times as it was captured and recaptured.

During the uprising of Owain Glyndwr, it was also captured twice by rebels, however it was eventually retaken by the Crown and turned into a residence.

Time to take an adventure here yourself

After seeing so much war, the castle gradually fell into disrepair, yet we’re sure you’ll agree that what remains is still an imposing sight today.

There’s nothing quite like exploring the ruins of this once formidable castle with the smell of the sea thick in the air and the picturesque Welsh countryside framing the scene.

Llansteffan Castle is a truly memorable place but words don’t do it justice, so make the trip out here yourself and see what we’re talking about.

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