Llawhaden Castle

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A castle with an impressive gatehouse

Feel the mystery in each stone when you visit Llawhaden Castle. Constructed in a pentagonal shape, discover a wondrous place located above the valleys of Pembrokeshire.

Walk on the warm earth with a breeze brushing through your hair as you explore this home for the wealthy bishops of St David's.

This castle had seen lots of bishops come and go before being rebuilt in the 14th century by Bishop David Martin.

An ideal spot for family time

Enjoy gorgeous historic scenery as you pull up at the free parking near the castle. You can even bring the dog along for the adventure, as long as they're on a lead.

Make special memories and take plenty of photos as you watch the kids learning more about Welsh history.

Their eyes will widen with surprise when they stand at the front of the towering gatehouse which still stands at its full height. Located on the southern side, it's composed of two drum towers and a gateway and was built in the late 14th century.

We recommend climbing the modern staircase on the outer wall to the south side. Here, you can enter the battlements for magnificent views of The Vale of the Eastern Cleddau.

Want to enjoy even more adventure in the castle? Try and climb the marvellous five-storied tower-porch. You'll soon notice the purpose of this unique structure was not only to operate as an observation tower but also to show off the bishop's superior status.

Why not have a rest?

After all that exploring, it's time to tuck into the picnic you've prepared for this day of discovery. Lay out your picnic blanket and tuck into your favourite treats as you take in the stunning views around you.

You're sure to feel relaxed, breathing the fresh air and hearing only the swish of trees blowing in the wind.

Bishops haven't stayed at this site since the 16th century when Bishop William Barlow, a Church Reformist who was appointed here, allegedly sold the lead from the roof to pay for the dowry of one of his daughters. After that, it became a quarry for local building material.

Notice the colours of the weathered grey stones around you and you'll realise just how much this castle has been through compared to the Welsh countryside surrounding it which remains virtually unchanged.

We're sure a day out to Llawhaden Castle will be a fascinating trip for the whole family.

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