Lligwy Burial Chamber

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One of the biggest capstones in Britain

Standing beside the 18ft capstone at Lligwy Burial Chamber, reach out and run your hand against the rough rock of this magnificent tomb. This impressive stone weighs an estimated 25 tons!

Breathe in the fresh air as you think about who was buried here. The grave was excavated in 1908 and bones of men, women, and children were unearthed as well as animal bones, shells, and pottery.

Take a moment to read the history on the nearby sign - there's lots to learn as this site dates from Neolithic (New Stone Age) times.

The secret of a vanished community

Just a stone's throw away sits the mysterious Capel Lligwy. The interesting history behind this place will leave you mindblown as you admire the ruined 12th-century chapel.

The small church is the only evidence of there being a large community in this area after the Viking invasions on Anglesey came to an end and life on the island became more peaceful.

A fascinating ancient village

If Lligwy has given you a taste for history, visit an ancient village on the east coast of Anglesey known as the Din Lligwy Hut Group. You'll be astonished at its size as it covers more than a quarter of a football pitch!

Feel the breeze as you walk beneath the tall trees and take the time to explore every nook and cranny of the place.

It's believed to have belonged to a farming community with the strong 5ft thick wall thought to be created to contain livestock.

A wonderful, mystical Neolithic burial chamber

You'll find an unusual burial chamber just a 30-minute drive away from Lligwy. Barclodiad y Gawres Burial Chamber which means ‘The Giantess’s Apronful’ in English sits above the spectacular sea.

Head to the magnificent cliffside location and visit the outer part of the chamber. Listen to the waves crashing and the wind blowing as you learn about how this site was very important for Anglesey’s early residents.

You can even see a range of five stones that are engraved with prehistoric patterns of zig-zags and spirals.

We're sure you'll enjoy a wonderful day out, packed full of history on the beautiful island of Anglesey.

Plas Lligwy,
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