Loamhole Dingle

Loamhole Dingle

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The mighty Iron Bridge, spanning over the Severn Gorge in all its engineering beauty, takes up most people’s attention when visiting the area.

And deservedly so, as one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the UK, it’s an incredible sight.

Under the treetops

But make the short trip to Ironbridge’s neighbouring village, Coalbrookdale, and the area’s natural beauty takes over.

Loamhole Dingle covers quite a small area, but somehow manages to fit in enough awe-inspiring nature to leave you enchanted the whole way round.

The walk begins near the upper furnace pool. At one time, it was one of six used to feed the forges that dominated the area.

Soon, you’ll come across a boardwalk that invites you under the ancient treetops of the woodland.

Tall grasses and shrubs surround you on either side, weaving around the gnarly tree trunks rising up into the sky.

A little peace and quiet

After following the trail for a few minutes, you’ll come across a wooden bridge stretching across the brook.

Take a moment to be still here. Watch the current sweep below you, the treetops sway from the breeze high above. There’s something about being surrounded by nature that brings with it a peace unlike anything else.

The trees protect you from the noises of the outside world, giving the small sounds of nature the chance to be heard: the birds chirping above, the trickle of the brook meandering around rocks and fallen tree trunks.

After a climb up a series of steps, you’ll reach the Ropewalk track. The views open up for a moment, treetops silhouetted against the sky above.

Continuing the adventure

The walk doesn’t take long to complete, but as it does involve quite a few steps and muddy pathways, it’s best to come prepared with good footwear.

Why not spend the whole day in the area? Once you’ve finished your walk around Loamhole Dingle, make your way to The Green Wood Cafe on Station Road for something tasty to eat.

They’re a family-run, independent café, so you can be sure of a warm welcome and some delicious food to match.

The perfect way to round off your adventure!

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