Loughor Castle

Loughor Castle

A castle that has seen plenty of battles

Feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin as you climb up the grassy motte to the historic Loughor Castle.

Located in southwest Wales, this medieval monument was built by the Anglo-Norman lord, Henry de Beaumont.

You'll notice how the site was heavily used from the remains that are still standing today. A thousand years before Henry came along, the Romans managed it first as a fort, one of a series running across southwest Wales.

This fascinating site has a greater historic significance in controlling the River Loughor. The fort the Romans built was called Leucarum - the Celtic name for the river.

The interesting history behind each stone

Stand atop the motte and you'll instantly realise why this location was chosen for such a grand castle.

Breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding areas. This spot allowed the Romans to keep an eye out for any enemies and also enabled them to support boats working in the Bristol Channel.

Appreciate the impressive ruins as you begin to explore. The kids will love running around the open space that the Normans once valued.

Created around 1106, these stones have seen many centuries come and go. This place was once a 12th-century earthworks castle but was set on fire by the Welsh in 1151.

To give it more protection, it was reconstructed in the next century with a stone fortress - only one tower remains as well as the bases of the curtain walls.

The power of your creativity when going back to the past

Hear the wind whispering through the trees as you enjoy a lovely walk along the grass with your family and the dog.

Use the power of imagination and invention to picture how this place would have looked through the ages.

Once a bustling hub of activity, fewer and fewer people would have walked along these same paths as the place decreased in value throughout the late-medieval period, and by the 19th-century, the castle was ruinous and overgrown with ivy.

See the old roots of wisened trees that have witnessed the numerous conflicts in this castle. We're sure a day out here will be much quieter and peaceful for you than it would have been for the Romans and Normans that once walked these grounds.

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