Loving Welsh Food

Loving Welsh Food

So, you’ve heard the news, huh? The secret is out and you’re here to see what it’s all about?

The capital of Wales may be known for many things, but its food scene isn’t always at the top of that list. Well, Loving Welsh Food has something to say about that.

Tastes from across the world

The company is on a mission to showcase the eclectic mix of cultures and traditions that have made Cardiff their home. From deliciously fragrant and spice-rich Indian food to the creamy and luxurious sauces of Italy – your tastebuds are certainly in for a treat.

But as you might imagine, there’ll always be a soft spot in Loving Welsh Food’s heart for the classic, traditional dishes from the lands of the red dragon.

You’ll have more than a few chances to tuck into a cheesy Welsh rarebit and pack your pockets full of Welsh cakes. They come in handy when you’re craving a little sweet treat on your stroll around the city.

Many of the tours include a fair amount of walking, giving you the chance to explore a good chunk of the city.

Plus, you’ll have a guide leading you around, filling you in on the area’s fascinating history and pointing out its famous landmarks along the way.

Which tour will you choose?

Every tour is slightly different, so be sure to find the one that suits you. The Cosmopolitan Cardiff Food Tour will take you through the heart of the city, passing by some of the incredible eateries specialising in international cuisines.

From there, you’ll get the chance to stop by cafes, restaurants, and delis to sample a little bit of everything on offer.

The Cosmopolitan Cardiff Food Tour can be booked either as a public or private tour, depending on what you’re after. All other tours are private, so be sure to get a group of family and friends together.

When they hear you’re asking them to spend the day solely dedicated to treating themselves, we’re sure getting them on board won’t be too much of a problem.

A green world

How we live and the food we eat are critical to the sustainability of the planet. Loving Welsh Food recognises this and is why they set up the Green Food Tour.

There doesn’t have to be a compromise between the two either, you can live more sustainably and get to experience food that leaves you speechless. This soon becomes obvious when you visit a certain vegan café on your trip.

Do I hear someone’s belly rumbling? Sounds like it’s the perfect time to start your culinary adventure around the Welsh capital!

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