Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

Are you looking for things to do in Shropshire?

We recommend visiting Ludlow. 

It would be easy to believe the market town of Ludlow has been pulled straight from a tale of epic fantasy and dropped into the Shropshire countryside.

Home of lords, ladies and noble folk, ancient castles, and medieval markets, its history is unbelievable – all during a time where war over crown and country was never far away.

Keeping traditions alive

Watching the world go by for almost 1000 years, Ludlow Castle has witnessed it all.

Things have inevitably changed over time, but some traditions have stuck at the castle. Where huge banquets and feasts were once celebrated, they always will be.

Ludlow Food Festival is held every year within the castle grounds and is the perfect day out for any inquisitive food lover wanting to get their hands on something delicious.


After William the Conqueror’s victory in 1066, he rewarded much of his new lands to loyal noblemen to help settle his command over his new kingdom.

Walter de Lacy received large areas of Herefordshire and Shropshire, and it was his eldest son who began construction of Ludlow Castle.

…and now

As soon as you enter through the gatehouse and into the grounds of the outer bailey, time suddenly falls away and you’re transported back hundreds of years. The curtain wall stretches away around you, where only the tallest treetops poke their heads above.

And just a short distance away, the keep walls stand guard at the entrance to the inner bailey, tempting you in to continue your adventure.

Climbing Ludlow castle

The thick, ancient walls of the castle hold a silence over the place which surrounds you in quiet stillness. Noises of the town fade away, leaving only the sound of trickling rivers and winds blowing through empty archways.

It’s a fairly long flight of stairs to reach the top of the keep, but if you can it’s truly worth the climb.

The town draws your attention first, where you’re sure to spot St Laurence Church tower rising up not far away. Turn around and you’re rewarded by the breathtaking sight of the hills of the Welsh Marches rolling away.

Food still fit for royalty

We suggest planning an extra hour or so for your day. Once you smell the stewing fruit destined for jam, and the idea of peppery pickled radishes zinging your taste buds to life take hold, you won't be able to leave without a visit to The Castle Café.

Back for further adventures

We think you’ll soon be planning your adventure back to Ludlow, and there’s no doubt a wander around the castle will be first on your agenda.

Be sure to check opening times before you head out so you’re left with plenty of time to finish up exploring, before ending the day tucking into some incredible food.

Castle Square,
SY8 1AY,
United Kingdom

How to get here

Ludlow Castle is located in the centre of Ludlow. A stone's throw away from Ludlow market, it's pretty unmissable. 


Car parks are signposted, which is very handy. There's also a Park & Ride - it runs from the Eco Business Park just off the A49 Sheet Roundabout.


There is a frequent service to Ludlow mainline station, which is a quick 10 minute uphill walk from the Castle and town centre.


The Assembly Rooms bus stop, Castle square

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  • The Castle Café Ludlow
  • Castle gift shop
  • Dog friendly
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