Lynford Water

Lynford Water

An idyllic escape

Discover peace and tranquillity at Lynford Water.

You’ll find this calming oasis in the Wissey Valley, near Mundford - the perfect place to escape after a busy week.

Explore the area and uncover beautiful scenery and history as you gaze at the water, listening to the sounds of wildlife chirping all around you.

An interesting history

The kids will love learning about how remains of woolly mammoths, bears, and other fascinating creatures were found here during an excavation in 2002.

As you explore, take a moment to pause and reflect on what life would have been like 60,000 years ago. The area has welcomed many people over the years and has plenty of stories to tell.

Home to an abundance of wildlife

Although once home to magnificent creatures, it’s now home to very different wildlife.

If you want to find out which birds are singing to you in the trees, pack a pair of binoculars. Crossbills are particularly keen on the area and we're sure you’ll be lucky enough to see the gorgeous orange bird on your walk.

Little ones will have heaps of fun, running through the forest, chatting away to you about the excitement they’ve had at school, and asking you all about the flowers they’re admiring on the walk through the gorgeous woods.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the sunken walkway and any ancient statues hidden in the greenery. It's amazing what gems you might stumble across.

Enjoy a trip to the beach

There’s even a sandy beach here, which is the perfect place to sit down, relax and tuck into a scrumptious picnic.

Pop your towels down on the sand and enjoy those homemade sandwiches and delicious slices of cake as you become engrossed, watching the swans and ducks swim peacefully along the water right in front of you.

A trip to Lynford Water provides you with the perfect chance to pause, take a deep breath, and feel a sense of calm take over your body.

This beautiful spot is bound to become a favourite of yours.

Getting here

From Lynford, when you come across the war memorial take the first right and after around a mile you should be able to spot the road leading to the car park on the left.

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