Magic of Thailand - Nottingham

Magic of Thailand - Nottingham

Magic of Thailand Festival

Available from 22 June 2024 to 23 June 2024
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The Magic of Thailand Festival in the UK transports visitors on an enchanting journey through the vibrant culture of Thailand, right in the heart of Britain!

This captivating event celebrates the rich tapestry of Thai traditions, enticing you with a kaleidoscope of color, flavor, and festivity. From the rhythmic beats of traditional Thai music to the tantalizing aromas wafting from authentic street food stalls, every corner of the festival is infused with the spirit of Thailand.

What you can expect at the Magic of Thailand Festival in Nottingham

  • Amazing authentic Thai cuisine, beers & delicious cocktails
  • Muay Thai Boxing
  • Ladyboy Shows
  • Beautiful Thai Markets
  • Oriental Thai products and groceries
  • Children's rides
  • Traditional Thai dance & music
  • Buddhist monk blessings
  • Authentic Thai massage

Visitors can immerse themselves in Thai dance performances, marvel at intricate Thai craftsmanship showcased in artisanal goods, and participate in cultural workshops that offer insights into Thai customs and practices.

Whether it's the breathtaking beauty of Thai floral displays or the thrill of watching Muay Thai demonstrations, the Magic of Thailand Festival in the UK captivates audiences of all ages, offering a magical glimpse into the wonders of Thailand's cultural heritage.

Don't miss out on this amazing day full of culture, music and amazing cuisine! Get tickets and have them delivered instantly via email or SMS!

Gregory Boulevard,
Nottinghamshire NG7 6LB

How To Find Us


The NET Trams run past Gregory Boulevard (along Noel Street) and stop close to the entrance. There’s also a car park for tram users (Park and Ride) accessed from Gregory Boulevard.


Several bus routes pass near the Forest Recreation Ground, including 3A, THREES, 77, 78, CALVERTON, RAINBOW ONE, and SKYLINK NOTTINGHAM.


You can take the East Midlands Railway to nearby stations.

Car Parking:

Main Car Park: Located off Gregory Boulevard, next to the multi-activity pitches (not the large car park near the tram stop).
Disabled Car Park: Accessible from Mansfield Road (requires a radar key). It’s for disabled visitors and specific events.

  • Food & Drink
  • Toilets

Due to the nature of the festival there is plenty of food and drink to purchase on site! So food and drink brought from home will not be permitted inside the festival unless for special dietary requirements.

Yes, dogs are allowed but please keep them on a leash at all times.

Both! The festival accepts both card and cash throughout the site but it is recommended to bring some cash.

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