Margam Stones Museum

Margam Stones Museum

Discover rich, local history through beautiful stones

Enter a high-ceilinged Victorian schoolhouse near Port Talbot, South Wales, and you'll discover the Margam Stones Museum.

Once the site of one of the first church schools in Wales, this building now houses ancient stones from the earliest days of Christianity.

Admire the wonderful details and learn more about the collection of stones on display with the help of the knowledgeable, welcoming staff. You'll uncover the stories behind each stone, including their intricate history and what they would have originally been used for.

Weave your way around the exhibition and take in all there is to know about one of the most important collections of Celtic stone crosses in the UK. There are nearly 30 engraved crosses to see with extraordinary craftsmanship behind each one.

You'll be surprised at the age of these monuments - a few of them were from the first days of Christianity in sixth-century Wales. They were used as milestones on Roman roads before the people started using them in memory of local chieftains.

Upstairs, you'll see an effigy of a 14th-century knight as well as an ugly little gargoyle who was used to divert rainwater - we'll leave it up to you to discover how!

More history nearby

Want to see something beautiful? Not far from the Margam Stones Museum is the stunning Margam Abbey. Pull up outside in the free car park and admire the historic building from the outside before you go in.

Smell the burning candles in the gorgeous red candle holders and fall in love with the stained glass windows that surround you. Now dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, this abbey was once a Cistercian monastery.

Prefer to get outside? Enjoy the silence as the air blows softly against your skin at Newcastle, Bridgend.

Relax on the fresh, green grass and take in the view of the ancient remains.

Your imagination will run free as you think of the storylines behind the stones - the original purpose of this castle was to manage the path into Glamorgan when this area was in the hands of the native Welsh.

You'll find many historic places to explore in Margam - it's worth spending a whole weekend discovering all there is to see.

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