Matlock Moors

Matlock Moors

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With seven coniferous woodlands to explore, Matlock Moors is a wonderful place for the whole family to create their adventure.

Pull up in one of the nearby laybys and feel the excitement of what awaits fill your body.

See what hidden gems you can find as you discover the beauty of the area on foot or horseback.

A perfect escape

Perhaps you fancy a solo trip here? Relish the chance for a moment’s relaxation and reflection as you connect with nature and enjoy the uninterrupted tranquillity that the woods provide.

Begin your relaxing stroll along the two-kilometre walking trail and enjoy the delights of the forest.

A day out for everyone

Watch as your pooch runs excitedly to explore the bushes, trees, and scents they find.

Their tails wagging with excitement, they’ll be so happy you chose Matlock Moors for today’s adventure.

Children will love the area too, as they discover the perfect place to get creative and build a den.

Or maybe you’re going to create a treasure hunt for them? You’ll have never seen them so eager to walk further and further on!

Choose your path

There are no waymarked trails, so follow the paths that look and sound the most inviting to you - the beautiful birdsong will be welcoming you down every route in the forest.

That ideal area of shelter you come across is the ideal place for you to stop and enjoy a scrumptious picnic.

Tuck into yummy sandwiches and a cool refreshing drink as you soak up your surroundings.

Once you’ve finished exploring

Less than a ten-minute drive away is the lovely town of Matlock, with plenty of independent shops, restaurants, and cafes for you to explore after your walk.

Treat yourself to a mouth-watering meal in the sun and chat away with loved ones, discussing the beautiful sights you’ve seen today.

One of many trips

Your first trip to Matlock Moors won’t be your last. You’ll be longing to go back to the peaceful place where you felt so connected to nature and as if nothing else in the world mattered.

We’re sure regular trips will be made to the area that you so easily fell in love with.

6 Sandy Lane,
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