Maulden Wood

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If you’re anything like us, the pull of nature is never far off. And when it calls you, the idea of a day exploring Maulden Woods makes answering the easiest thing in the world.

Watching generations go by

Just outside the village of Clophill in Bedfordshire, Maulden Wood welcomes anyone seeking the comforts of nature.

In fact, the wood is home to one of Bedfordshire’s largest remains of ancient woodland.

Just like you, generations going way back would’ve come to Maulden Wood for the exact same reason - to find peace and quiet, to be surrounded by natural wildlife, to breathe in the fresh, still air of the woods.

Trees you walk past have been watching others walk by for hundreds of years. Time works differently in Maulden Wood, and you can feel that in the atmosphere here - everything feels slowed down and serene, filled with ancient wisdom.

Trotting hooves and rolling wheels

Experiencing Maulden Wood on the back of a horse or even by bike shines a whole new light on the world of the wood. Whizzing down trails by bike is a fast-paced rush while travelling by horse, the whole experience is very much slowed down.

The clopping hooves on earth bounce around the trees and echo throughout the wood like the ticking of a metronome.

The heart of Maulden Wood

At the centre of the woodland is a large open space. Trees circle it in a natural border creating a closed-in, secluded area. After the limited light of the dense wood, the sunlight cascading in from the open sky highlights everything in astonishing brightness.

The glade is one of Maulden Wood’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so be sure to look out for the interesting animals and wildlife who have made it their home.

There are so many trails to explore that we’re sure you’ll be heading back to Maulden Wood in no time. Whether this time by foot, pedal, or horseback is up to you.

You'll find parking available south of Haynes West End, just off the A6.

Oxleys Farm,
West End,
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